#Connected Camporee

Daytime Events

Take part in a number of virtual and physical activities.

Tentative List of Activities

Activities will have instructions recorded and available for download. Each club is asked to post camporee activities (pictures and videos) on their social media accounts – Facebook and Instagram, etc. – using the following hashtags: #connected #connecté  #canadianpathfinders #sdaccpathfinders #pathfindercamporee #virtualcamporee

Requests For Participants

The Canadian Pathfinder Camporee Daytime/Honor Committee is
looking for Participants to help out with Devotional Service, Sabbath
Service and Honors. Currently we are looking for:

Ontario Conference
Opening Prayer – Thursday
5-10 min. Devotional – Friday
Pathfinder Law – Sabbath
Pathfinder Pledge – Sunday

Alberta Conference
Pathfinder Pledge – Thursday
Pathfinder Law – Friday
Opening Prayer – Sabbath
Closing Prayer – Sunday

British Columbia Conference
5-10 min. Devotional – Thursday
Pathfinder Pledge – Friday
Closing Prayer – Sabbath

Quebec Conference
Closing Prayer – Thursday
Opening Prayer – Friday
*Introduction of Sabbath Speaker, Pastor Tracy Wood
5-10 min. Devotional – Sunday

Man-Sask Conference
Pathfinder Law – Thursday
Pathfinder Pledge – Sabbath
Opening Prayer – Sunday
Recordings can be done in English or French
* We would like the Introduction done in French and English

Honors Instructors

We are looking for Honors to add to our library for the Camporee.

This past year has seen a lot of virtual honors take place with our clubs.
If you have an honor, that you recorded, and are willing to let us add to our library, please email brenda.henry@maritimesda.com .

We are looking for honors that can be completed by individuals that do not have an extra element. For example – Do 4 hours of community service.

We would like low cost, easy to complete honors. Added work sheets that the pathfinders can send to the director of their club, are acceptable.

Devotional Guidelines

Devotionals should be between 5-10 min.

They can be a personal story, inspirational story, true or fictional event

You may use props

This can be done by one Pathfinder or a group of Pathfinders

You can wear costumes if you wish The devotional should be centered around the theme of the camporee #CONNECTED

Recording Guidelines

* Location must be well lit

* Please record in a location that does not have background noise.

* Recording must be done in a landscape position

*Set your recording device on a table or tripod. Please do not hod the device.

*Set video on high resolution. 1080p Full HD

* Pathfinders must be in Class A Uniforms for Pledge, Law and Prayers

* Recordings can be done in French or English

* Keep still for 5 seconds after you start recording and 5 seconds before you end recording for our editing.

* Save file as Event and Day – For example: Name_Church_Conference_LawFriday or Devotional Thursday_Email

* Every participant must sign the Medial Liability Release Form available on the
camporee website www.camporee.ca

* Please submit recordings by July 1, 2021 to brenda.henry@maritimesda.com


Thank you for all you help making this Camporee a blessed experience for our Pathfinders!

Bandana Bandaid. #CPCBandaid
• Show 5 different ways a bandana can be used as a splint or a bandaid

Pass out verses of Kindness. #CPCKindness
• we will have a print out available and Pathfinders can print them off and then pass them out by putting them in mail boxes, on car windshields or in a seniors home for example

Lawn Signs. #CPCSign
• Take a bristle board and make a sign and display it for the weekend. The sign should have the theme of #Connected

Kits for distribution. #CPCKits
• You can collect items and make a kit to distribution. It can be a hygiene kit, food kit, religious material, there are many things you can make a kit of.

Collection Drive. #CPCCollection
• For this activity you can do a food drive, clothing drive, book drive or something different and donate the items to a charitable organization.

Sidewalk Chalk Art. #CPCChalk
• Draw a message or picture for passer-byes to see.

Nature Walk Bingo. #CPCBingo
• Sheets will be available for printing off. Try to fill all the items (fill the entire board)

Bible Scavenger Hunt. #CPCBiblehunt
• A list of verses will be given to you and you will be required to look them up, figure out the item we are looking for, then find it.

Campsite. #CPCCampsite
• Each participant must create a campsite where ever they are camping.
• It can be inside or outside.
• Participants must sleep in their campsite at least one night

Building a Shelter. #CPCShelter
• Materials. Tarps and Ropes only.
• Come up with some creative ways to set up a shelter using only tarps and ropes.

Sabbath Morning Worship. #CPCWorship
• Plan a worship on sabbath morning in a creative way. Use items around the house to create things like puppets, drawings, costumes and music. Use your imagination!

Bible Puzzle. #CPCPuzzle
• Print off the bible verse puzzle and cut them into puzzle pieces.
• Place the pieces in a box or bag, shake them up, then rebuild them.
• Make a short video and post.

Individual Drill. #CPCDrill
• Make a short video showing the basic drill commands: Attention, fall in, dress right dress, re-cover, right face, left face, and more if you wish.

Lashing. #CPCLashing
• Lash three sticks together and make a tripod.
• The tripod should be able to hold a pot hanging from it. If you do not have a pot that can hang from the tripod, be creative and find something that can.

Knot Tying. #CPCKnots
• Show us your skills in knot tying. Do 15 different knots and post photos.

Pathfinder Prayer. #CPCPrayer
• Each day have a special prayer for someone in your community. It could be firefighters, police officers, hospital staff, your church, a family or friend, the possabilities are endless.
• Make a small sign and write on it “Today I am praying for ________”
• Post each day from August 4 to 8

Pathfinder Honors. #CPCHonor
• There are several honors available for you to take part in.
• Post photos or a short video of you doing one or more of the honors available.

Fitness Relay. #CPCRelay
• This can be done by individuals or in teams
• You will need a deck of numbered cards (Uno, playing cards, etc.) and a stop watch.
• Take out the numbers 1-9 in four colours or symbles. Each one is assigned an exercise. Colour A – Sit-ups, Colour B – Squats, Colour C – lunges, Colour D – push ups.
• Shuffle the cards and place the pile on a table at least 10 feet from the start line.
For a team, one person at a time will run up to the deck, turn the card over and complete the task shown. For example they turn over 4 Color A, they do 4 sit ups. If doing in teams, you should have a deck of cards for each team.
• For individuals, run up to the deck and turn over a card and do the exercise. Turn over another card once the first exercise is done. Time how fast you do it and compare it to the rest of your family/group. You can also do this with several decks so they all go at the same time.

Bible Books. #CPCBible
• Print off the books of the bible PDF for each person or team. Cut them apart.
• Put all the pieces in a container and shake them up.
• Dump the pieces out and see how long it takes you to arrange the books of the Bible in order.
• This can be done in teams or individual. If you are doing this alone, challenge a family member or use a stop watch to see how fast you complete it.

Heroes II. #CPCHeroes2
• We will be having a Heroes II Challenge event. Stage one will take place on Thursday, Stage 2 will be Friday and the Finals will take place on Sunday.

Download the Heroes 2 app from the App Store of Google Play and start playing to unlock the various levels and effects.